Information for visitors and participants - Russian fulldome Festival "Reflections of the Universe"

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Information for visitors and participants

Festival Arrangements:
1. The Festival takes place on June 14 – June 16, 2019.
2. Requirements to the submitted applications and works can be found in Appendix 1.
3. Both individual and collective authors are admitted to the Festival.
4. All the accepted works must be no older than 2017 and should not be shown on the Festival for the second time.
5. The Festival Jury is formed by the Organizing Committee
6. The Festival Jury chooses awardees in four categories in accordance with the types of the fulldome films presented during the Festival.
7. The Festival winners are awarded with diploma and prizes.
8. The Festival Jury reserves the right to award additional noteworthy works and introduce People’s Choice Award.

Procedure for Receiving Works and Applications
Procedure for Receiving Applications:
Deadline for receiving speaker applications and works longer than 20 minutes – April 30, 2019.
Deadline for receiving speaker applications and works shorter than 20 minutes – May 15, 2019.
Deadline for receiving applications from Festival participants – May 31, 2019.

Types of Fulldome Content on the Festival:
The best scientific fulldome show, or popular-scientific planetarium presentation with fulldome visualization (20-45 minutes);
The best creative fulldome show, or creative planetarium presentation with fulldome visualization (20-45 minutes);
The best scientific fulldome show (5-20 minutes);
The best creative fulldome show, or creative planetarium presentation with fulldome visualization (5-20 minutes);
People's Choice Award after audience polling.

Topics of Seminars and Workshops:
• Producing and editing fulldome content
• Producing and editing programs for planetariums
• Sound in the dome
• Location shooting for fulldome content
• Sources of correct data and basic materials for planetarium sessions
• Music for planetariums

– The accepted materials will be demonstrated in the dome or on additional portable platforms located on the territory of the Cultural and Educational Center named after Valentina V. Tereshkova;
– The accepted materials will be shown with the help of six-channel Carl Zeiss ® powerdome EDITION with a 3K resolution;
– Seminars and workshops will take place in classrooms of the Cultural and Educational Center named after Valentina V. Tereshkova;
– Due to time limit, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or decline submitted applications after consideration. The Organizing Committee comes to a decision in accordance with the following criteria: film content, conformity with a claimed type, technical level, design, creativity and originality;
– Requests and questions concerning the Festival can be sent to the e-mail of the Organizing Committee mentioned below.

Information for Conference Participants:
Within the framework of the Conference the organizing committee plans to provide participants with the following opportunities:
- Taking part in the press conference of the Conference organizing committee
- Continuous communication with representatives of federal and regional mass media
- Spreading promotional merchandise and information products in paper or electronic format.
The organizing committee also plans to invite on-stage performance groups to the opening of the Conference.

Organizational Issues and Financial Matters:
- The Festival participants will cover food costs, and expenses related to travel and accommodation by themselves;
- The Festival participants should pay registration fee in the sum of 1000 RUB upon arrival. The registration fee to the Festival includes full access to conference materials, sight-seeing tours and coffee breaks;
- Further information on the Festival will be posted later.

Legal Matters:
• The Festival participants acknowledge that they possess all the rights to use and distribute their works (including images and sound), and warrant they will not infringe copy rights and third-party rights;
• The Festival organizers warrant that copyright holders will be mentioned during presentations or included into closing credits;
• The Festival participants allow the Festival organizers to use separate shots or video clips (with sound) extracted from their works in the Internet, printed and other materials in order to promote the Festival and the corresponding works;
• The Festival organizers shall not be liable for destroying the materials or data storage devices received from the Festival participants.
Appendix 1

Requirements to the Submitted Materials

All the Festival materials must meet the following requirements:
• Footages are presented as a sequence of fulldome (180° equal-space projection) master frames (DomeMaster), RGB, 24-bit color depth. The files of master frames are numbered starting from 0 or 1. Numbers are added to file names after the underscore symbol “_”. File names should include only lowercase and capital letters of the Latin alphabet, and the underscore symbol as a separator, for example "My_Work_00000.png"
• The orientation of master frames should correspond with the dome orientation of classical planetariums: the frame center – the zenith, the frame bottom – the south – the front dome sector, the frame top – the north – the back dome sector, the left – the east – the left sector, the right – the west – the right sector
• Resolution: 3K (3072х3072); 4К (4096х4096) is acceptable; 2K (2048х2048) for pre-rendered visualization used during live presentations
• Image format: PNG (preferable) or JPG; TIF, TGA, BMP and other formats are not accepted
• Frame rate: 30 FPS (60 FPS and 29.97 FPS are also acceptable)
• Sound: stereo or 5.1 channel (L / C / R / Ls / ТRs / LFE) in the uncompressed WAV format, 16-bit, 48 kHz. The names of audio files should be identical to the file names of master frames accompanied by the index of a sound channel for 5.1 scheme ("My_Work_C.wav", "My_Work_L.wav", etc.). The audio track should start with the first frame for the best synchronization.
All the materials are sent on external hard drives or USB sticks (FireWire or USB 2.0/3.0, the NTFS file system).
Festival participants warrant that their data storage devices do not contain any malware or viruses. If participants break this rule, they will be excluded.
Participants should write the following information on the data storage devices they send:
• Show title
• Participants’ name and the institution they represent
• Mobile phone
• E-Mail address
(USB sticks or external hard drives with data lists are inserted into transparent plastic sleeves with the button or zip).

Festival participants should send the posters of their films so that the Festival organizers will be able to decorate the planetarium interior and make printed materials (the Festival catalogue).
File requirements: .TIF, А3, 300 dpi resolution.

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